Working in Water

Healing Dance and Presence of Being

My beautiful new indoor pool in Sandy Bay Hobart is now finished and awaiting you to float.

The aim of a water session is to, ‘…invite you to a greater sense of presence’. During this time the mind quietens down, and the body moves and releases in a way that is only possible in the water.

There is the potential to experience True Presence.

When you receive a water session you are floated gently through the water. The practitioner follows your breath and your body as they move, and stretch and dance with you.


“The pool is a wonderful way for the body to explore unrestricted movement;
to be supported as a liquid body floating as Penny guides and responds to
individual’s movement.


Penny has a unique skill and establishes a strong sense of trust working
with attention, expertise and intuition. 


As a dancer I’ve found the pool sessions heighten my internal focus and
increase my physical perception and connectedness. I love the sensation
and immersion, of witnessing as movement unravels, time extends and
the body and mind relaxes bringing a deep sense of presence.”


– Wendy Morrow, dancer and improviser


 “Penny’s intuitive and liberating work in the pool (the most beautiful
one in Hobart) helps me to more deeply understand my body, and my
mind.  It’s a privilege to work with Penny.”

– Jane Edwardes, Singer and Singing Teacher.


“When I receive a water session I fell happy, light, young, energized and
free. My body and mind have been moved and awakened in a way that
is only possible in water.”

— Penny


Penny graduated as a healing dance practitioner in March 2011 and studied Presence of Being with Shantam in August 2012.

“True Presence is the essence of what is shining through each of our Beings.
It is an immeasurable, unnameable, substance-less, indefinable radiance,
closer than the breath, closer than any thought about it – so close in fact,
when we make an attempt to look for it, we’ve already moved away from it.”

— Shantam