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Pricing of private lessons

Alexander Technique lesson: single 

45 minutes | $85/$65 concession

Alexander Technique lesson: shared (2 people)

60 minutes | $110/$90 concession

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Prices vary. Get in touch to talk about what you need.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT FOR ACTORS  – workshop series for performers coming soon.

Actors are storytellers, stepping into the shoes of often dysfunctional characters. Taking an audience on this journey can be unpalatable if you have tension in your work or fall into the trap of presenting characters as victims. To truly honor the writer and tell their story the actor must be present, listening with their whole body, breathing freely, with no unnecessary tension. During this course we will look at embodying the character, discovering how to find the rhythm and weight of the character and how their history lives in your body, ensuring the way the character walks and moves comes authentically from you.

“Penny works with wit incorporated in the lead-up to every one of our shows. Her understanding of animal work as a means to access a character’s core and further understand their relationship with those around them is amazing. She helps us to develop a deeper understanding of our place within the ensemble and a more connected existence as characters. It adds a complexity and sense of reality that we might not otherwise find.”

— Jennifer Piper, wit incorporated

“Penny McDonald introduced me to the Alexander Technique as a student at the Australian National Academy of Music. I have continued to take lessons amidst a busy performance schedule, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and have found her teaching to be an incredibly valuable resource. The technique has helped me to understand the way I use my body in playing my instrument. This understanding has led to a relaxed and energetic way of playing which aids gradual improvements and helps to avoid repetitive or straining injuries, which are common in classical musicians. Most importantly this all leads to a more enjoyable and rewarding performance experience. I could not recommend Penny more to someone who is looking to explore the Alexander Technique.”

— Jack Schiller Principal Bassoon Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

We acknowledge the palawa people as the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of lutruwita (Tasmania).
We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.