Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

In Tasmania – The Birth Place of Alexander. 

We are so proud of our first graduates. The Training Course is having a rest till the middle of 2024.


This course is for people wishing to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique. It is accredited by the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. (AUSTAT).

AUSTAT requirements are that:

  • The course will run for a minimum of 1600 hours over a minimum of three years.
  • Each working week to consist of between 12-20 hours and at least three days.
  • 80% of course content will consist of practical instruction, practice in personal application and hands-pm procedures. 20% theoretical study related to the course.
  • The teacher/trainee ratio will not exceed 1:5 during practical work.

An interview and a series of lessons with Head of Training, Penny McDonald will need to occur before training can commence.

RPL and RCC can be taken into consideration.

Philosophy of the Training Course

This training course recognises that we are all capable of true greatness. As we develop the skills to be kind to ourselves, curious about our use, and trust that change is always possible, we can operate at our full potential.

Change comes more easily if the wishes and thoughts are positive. What are we saying “yes” to instead of “no” to.

Unity between our physical, mental and energetic self is fundamental.

Great emphasis will be placed on having fun and enjoying every moment.

There will be an emphasis in working with people in the performing arts.

Graduates will be competent in working with people with all ages and abilities on what every activity or they wish to refine or ailment they need to address. Everyone can benefit from the Alexander Technique and it is our job to meet them where they are at, and work with them in a way that they are learning to take care of themselves in every activity. In Alexander terms this is the “means where by”.

Course Outline

Each trainee will receive a daily Alexander Technique lesson every school day.

First Year

During the first year the emphasis will be working on oneself. Learning inhibition (this is pausing to allow a different stimulus to a response) and direction (this is the thoughts that allow for change) and the use of the arms and hands in relation to the rest of the body.

During this year the trainees will also complete an anatomy course.

Study of Alexander’s books and other writings on the Alexander Technique will also be part of the curriculum.

Second year

As the trainee’s hands on experience develops from observation to “hands-on” work they will work on each other, Head of Training, Assistant Director and school moderator during their visits.

Anatomy and the study of Alexander’s and other books will also continue.

Trainees will be encouraged to prepare and present presentations on the Alexander Technique, specifically in their individual area of interest.

Working with groups and with people in the performing arts will form a component of this year.

A student clinic will occur in the last term.

Third Year

By the third year there will also be an emphasis on running and marketing an Alexander Technique practice, including business and compliance skills.

There will be a student clinic each term.

Trainees will prepare presentations on the Alexander Technique.

Study of Alexander’s and other books will also continue.

Working with groups and with people in the performing arts will continue.


Contact Hours

Proposed hours are 10.00am to 2.00pm for 4 days a week Monday to Thursday. There will be a maximum of 4 students on the training course so hours and days can change with a consensus for different hours.

4 x 9 week terms a year (following the school terms)


Training Course fees are $3,000 a term x 4 terms a year = 12,000 annually.

Fees to be paid at the commencement of each term. You will be invoiced for this. If fees are paid by credit card a 2% surcharge will apply.

Other annual non-fee costs which you will need to pay as an essential part of doing this course are as follows:

  • Required text books – $175
  • Student Membership of the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) – $105
  • Food and accommodation for an annual residential. Around $700 plus travel.

Upon acceptance of an application to the training course, a letter of agreement with be entered into by the Head of Training and the trainee.

Skills, practices and qualities to be developed

  • To look after oneself and understand that this is fundamental to working with others.
  • To meet people “where they are at”, and work them in a way that they are learning to look after their own use.
  • To be competent in running group classes.
  • Specialise in working with people in the performing arts.
  • Be competent in running a teaching practice.
  • Marketing the Alexander Technique and running a business.