“I have worked with Penny for years and have found her to be one of the most intuitive, generous, and life changing practitioners in the field. Her experience is enormous and her gifts undeniable. I am thrilled that all at 16th Street Actors Studio will experience the benefits of Penny teaching as much as I have over the past decade and a half.”
— Hugh Jackman

“Penny McDonald introduced me to the Alexander Technique as a student at the Australian National Academy of Music. I have continued to take lessons amidst a busy performance schedule, with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and have found her teaching to be an incredibly valuable resource. The technique has helped me to understand the way I use my body in playing my instrument. This understanding has led to a relaxed and energetic way of playing which aids gradual improvements and helps to avoid repetitive or straining injuries, which are common in classical musicians. Most importantly this all leads to a more enjoyable and rewarding performance experience. I could not recommend Penny more to someone who is looking to explore the Alexander Technique.”
— Jack Schiller, Principal Bassoon Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

“Penny Mc Donald is gentle and extraordinary; her work is transformative, you won’t walk away the same. The Alexander Technique speaks straight to the nervous system so constantly improves your mental health as well as your physical health. Penny’s work is non-intrusive, has very quick excellent results and removes anxieties and habits that interfere with our performance, work and day to day existence. When it comes to the Alexander Technique, there is simply no one better than Penny in Australia!”
— Sarah Hallam, Actor, Director, Casting Director, Teacher

“I have never met anyone quite like Penny, her intuition and sense of energy is second to none. It is this coupled with her undying positivity that makes her such an inspiring teacher and practitioner. I could not recommend her highly enough”
— Ross Dwyer, Actor

“Penny’s understanding of animal work as a means to access a character’s core and further understand their relationship with those around them is amazing. She helps us to develop a deeper understanding of our place within the ensemble and a more connected existence as characters. It adds complexity and a sense of reality that we might not otherwise find.”
— Jennifer Piper, Wit Incorporated Theatre Company

“Performing for me is about connecting, with myself as well as the world around. In every lesson with Penny I am reminded that favourable posture is achieved effortlessly, as our bodies have the wisdom. However at times we need the guidance of a skilled teacher to be reminded how simple it can be. At first I easily suffered the loss of the optimal posture achieved during the lessons. Now I return to it with a thought. Every performer will benefit with Penny in their lives.”
— Kiment Poposki

“Penny is the most nurturing, fun and honest teacher. She holds a space free of judgement for artists to explore new possibilities. Penny encourages her students to own their own voices and stand strong in their sphere. Training with Penny has changed the way I live my life and carry myself in the world. After working with Penny, I promise you won’t come out the same. ”
— Alexandra Galloway